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Using Children as Weapons – Adventurer Style 2

Adventurer parents

What do they do in a crisis if unskilled? They can be passive or aggressive, very manipulative and sometimes subtle. If highly educated can be cynical, sarcastic and very clever with words to make sure they are still the centre of attention.
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Don’t Blow the Budget

One of the most stressful relationships we have is with ‘money’, money affects every aspect of our lives. It does not really matter how much money you have or do not have, as even very ‘rich’ people can struggle to manage … Continue reading [...]

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Cyberbullying Parent Resources

With the increase of cyberbullying the response to assist parents increase their knowledge and skills has at last started to offer many useful sites that are both practical and informative. One site worth viewing is as it has some … Continue reading [...]

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Using Children as Weapons Achiever Style 4

Using Children as Weapons in Family Disputes Achiever Personality Style © Copyright Material  Written by Christina McMahon When you first meet they often will be clear and precise and have a feeling of strength about them. You may feel you … Continue reading [...]

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Money and Stress

Stress can be overwhelming if you do not take charge of your financial health. In many families the teaching of children about financial responsibility and the attitudes and skills needed for the creation of wealth simply do not exist. Survival … Continue reading [...]

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An early sign of depresssion for many people is the inability to take action. The challenges of life and  the perceived non ending ‘life blokages’ can test many of us to lose self confidence and hope that  something good will happen … Continue reading [...]

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