An early sign of depresssion for many people is the inability to take action. The challenges of life and  the perceived non ending ‘life blokages’ can test many of us to lose self confidence and hope that  something good will happen for us in ‘life’! When we least feel like taking action because of feeling low; ‘down, ‘hopeless’, overwelmed, or exhausted; is exactly when we need to take some action. You may need to sit in the sun until you feel a little better; walk the first telegraph pole today and add one every day until you are walking at least 30 minutes a day. You may need to answer that letter; ring the people or organisation you do not not want to talk to, or buy a paper and apply for a job, any job! What you need to do is take at least one small action and then choose again to take another action. Depression can intensify the more you do not take action; and it is only through action that something starts to move; start small and you will be amazed at how quickly change starts to happen. Christina

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