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Client Instructions

This page contains a few instructions to help you get started using the e-therapy system as a client. For a more detailed look you can view the full client manual here: e-therapy client manual


Find a Therapist

To search for a therapist on the main e-therapy site, simply click the Therapists tab in the top menu. The therapist page displays a list of therapists with a photo and short introduction. To read more about any therapist in the list – simply click their name or profile picture to visit their sub-domain, where you can register and book sessions with them. Each therapist using the e-therapy system has their own sub-domain enabling secure client login. This means that if you want to book sessions with several therapists you will need to register with each one separately.


How to Register

If you want to book a session you will need to register with the therapist first. You can book sessions with several therapists, though you will need to register with each therapist you want to book sessions with. Simply fill out the registration form, where you enter your contact details and choose a password for your secure login. When on a therapist's sub-domain you will see a tab in the menu bar: Clients – Click the Clients tab and select Register – then enter your details in the form and Submit.

Once your registration has been received and confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to login and activate your account.


Login to your account

Remember to login to your account, you need to be on your therapist's sub-domain site (the link provided in your welcome email will take you to the correct login page), not on the main e-therapy site.


What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, don't worry, there is a function which allows you to reset your password by providing the email address you used to register.


How to book a session

Click the Sessions tab in the top menu bar. The calendar on the page gives you a quick overview, showing which days have available sessions. You can scroll forward (using the arrows at the top of the calendar) to a different day/week/month. If there are no available times (or none that suit you) you can click the link below the calendar (or in the top menu under the sessions tab) which allows you to request a session.

If you click to request a session – you will arrive on a page with a simple form where you enter your name and preferred session time. The session request will be sent to your therapist where he or she can respond back to you directly.


How the chat interface works

Once you click the chat icon (link), a chat window will open on your screen.
The larger box in the chat window is where you will be able to read comments posted by yourself and your therapist.


Typing and sending messages:

The typing area sits just below the chat window. Simply place your curser in the typing area and type your first comment. You can type longer messages than fit in the typing area – the text will move along like a ticker-tape allowing you to see the last words you have typed. You can also click the available emoticons (cartoon faces) to insert them in your message.


To send a message:

Either click the send button or hit the enter key on your keyboard.


Reading messages:

Once your comment is sent your therapist will be able to read it in their identical chat window. The chat window uses a different colour for therapist and client comments (green and black), which makes it easy to see who has written what. Any system messages are clearly visible in bold red. When the chat window fills up with comments a scrollbar will appear, if you need to see earlier comments – simply scroll up the page.

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