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FAQ - General information

This page contains useful information about how the E-therapy website works.


How long does it take to get the system online?


If you are registering as a Therapist on the system about 2 minutes, and you would then possibly spend a bit more time fine tuning your professional profile and... uploading your qualifications, and photo if you use one. You may even take some time to download the Therapist Manual and read or simply start to explore and use system.


Is the system based on a commercially developed product? If so which one?


No it is not based on any previously created product and it has been completely developed by our development team, who are also available to respond to any conc...erns to keep improving the system.
Please note: Different versions of the system are also available for practices to operate themselves, to include their own Therapists only, and for Universities and larger companies etc who need to deliver counselling services for staff/students etc.


What advantages does this arrangement have over e.g. simply counselling via skype, either 'skype to skype' or skype to landline or mobile?


The system manages session creation, bookings, chat logs. Therapist/client information securely and in a way that is easily audited. You can of course do any am...ount of counselling 'outside' the system, but the corresponding admin and record keeping would all need to be managed by yourself. the setting of session 'start' and 'finish' times within the system also add a degree of 'official organisation' that we have found greatly assists the process, and all Therapist direct contact details are 'hidden' by the system too, which overall is a very important consideration.

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