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FAQ - General information

This page contains useful information about how the E-therapy website works.


Is payment via the company website, or does the individual therapist need to make their own payment arrangements?


As long as you have a Paypal or Paymate login name/account the system takes care of it and all payments go straight to the therapist....


What 'shopping cart' or other purchasing/payment arrangements are in place?


What ever is required to manage the sessions payments or secure email product....


Does the service require Broadband internet access?


No -it is specifically designed and engineered to use as low bandwidth as possible....


Broadly speaking what arrangements are in place to 'secure' the session and or payment?


Hash encrypted usernames/passwords for Therapist / Client access, unique data repositories for each Therapist, servers on subnets behind multiple hardware firew...alls. For payment, the system uses third party gateways such as Paypal, and all financial details are managed by them, so nothing on the e-therapy system other than final approval or otherwise from third party gateway.


What help desk facilities are currently available for either therapists or their client's?


A client can coontact you through the system; they can contact us for technical problems through our contact address on the system. This would be dealt with as ...soon as possible sometimes immediately other times it may be within a 24 hour window.

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