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Welcome to e-therapy offers you the latest in secure online therapy - FREE

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As a therapist
offers you a professional and convenient online (and secure) communication service for you and your clients. The system is very easy to use, and provides an instant 'front door' to your practice - you have your own editable page where you can provide information about yourself and also upload accreditation documents. You are also automatically given your own sub-domain name as part of your subscription, which allows your clients direct access to book and login to your sessions.

Chat, Skype and Secure Email - You can use the chat interface including the recently added SKYPE and Secure Email system.

Operating Manuals - The system is remarkably easy to use. When you are registered as a therapist or client you can download simple operating manuals to help you to easily navigate all e-therapy features.

As a Therapist - You can edit your profile & upload all your qualifications; create session times & create your own templates; view, save and search chat logs from sessions or accept /decline bookings from clients.

As a client - Sign up with one or several therapists and check out available session times (you can even request a session at a time that suits you). Book and receive therapy sessions in the secure environment of your own home, or from your work station at a time when you are available. (Note: Therapists usually charge for their services. Please check before booking a session)

No additional software is required - For either the therapist or the client; our system has been designed to operate efficiently whatever your connection speed.

Security of Sessions - As a therapist or as a client, you can be sure of the security of your sessions and any other information you might provide on this site. The e-therapy system is hosted on our own servers in Sydney and no third party applications or services are involved. Any stored data is also kept behind secure firewalls within our networks. You are offered the latest in secure online therapy!

Have your own website as a practice or sole therapist?

We also offer 'stand alone' online therapy systems, incorporating all the functionality of the 'public' site, but tailored to your look and feel, colours and logo. Your clients can assess your profile/s through your own website.

Ask us for more information on using the features of our e-therapy system or linking to your website.
Contact us directly, or download the pdf available on the 'Plans' page.


Therapists / Practices / Professional Organisations - All therapists and professional practice and services who register with e-therapy receive their own sub-domain (website) and are easy to locate on our therapist search page.

The service is available for all types of therapists: psychologists, counsellors, nutritionists, case workers and other professional support occupations.

Benefits of e-therapy

  • Clients can access services when it suits them.
  • Therapists can provide service to clients in remote areas.
  • Housebound clients have access to therapy.
  • An addition to traditional therapy, allowing chats between face-to-face sessions.
  • A first step in therapy for reluctant face-to-face groups; such as men and teenagers.


Online chat, Skype or email sessions are secure and convenient.

Benefits for the client

  • You don't have to travel to your therapist.
  • Add online therapy to traditional face-to-face sessions.
  • Meet online in the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere that suits you!
  • Choose more flexible session times.
  • Need to know more; please have a look at our FAQ section.

Please click this link to find a therapist.

Please note: is not responsible for providing therapy (we leave this job in the hands of the very capable therapists who come on board and use this system). Our job is to ensure a smooth and secure system, accessible to clients and therapists in the online environment. You can find answers to common questions on our FAQ page – or if you have further queries, please drop us a line on the contact page.

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We are always thinking of new ideas and features to better tailor our e-therapy system to your needs. We welcome feedback and input from therapists and clients, so please send us an email (use the contact page) any time and let us know what you think. We will not bombard you with regular marketing or sales pitches, but we would like to occasionally let you know about new things we are doing, or important information associated with e-therapy such as changes in general practice and statutory updates.


Please add your details below, so we can occasionally email you. If you could select your age group and gender, hopefully we can provide you with information that is more relevant to you.


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