Lets make a stand!

Lets make a stand! By Lee-Anne Van Den Broek

Let’s make a stand against domestic abuse and the long-lasting impact on those faced with destructive relationships. Many people question why women don’t leave their abusive partner, but those that live in, or have lived in this world, understand it’s detrimental impact. There are millions of reasons women stay, and not generally because they want to.

Many victims of domestic abuse that leave, are faced with hardship because during the course of their relationship, they have been stripped of all resources. Immediate support for those wanting to leave is not always readily available, and many have children making the whole situation more complex.

So, while we stand against the abusers, let’s support those struggling with domestic abuse and show them empathy and understanding, with no judgements. Many women are kept from family and friends and become isolated over time, making reaching out for help even more complicated. Just knowing we are there if needed, may be all the security these women need to help them regain personal strength. No questions asked, just be there.

Van Den Broek, L. (2017). Let’s make a stand! www.youcounsellingforwomen.com

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